Mobile Voting & SMS Conference Texting

Software for Mobile Participation & Conference Text Messaging

Participant Messaging:

With [asQ-us] mobile voting software, meeting participants use their mobile phone’s text messaging service (SMS) to submit detailed questions or comments to a centrally-monitored computer. The immediate feedback can be:

  • Included in live Q & A sessions
  • Incorporated into Audience Response System
  • Organized & displayed to a moderator/audience
  • Answered individually or as a group
  • Accumulated as open-ended survey feedback
  • Used as on-demand requests for information


Participant Messaging

Broadcast Messaging:

[asQ-us] works both ways. Just as participants have access to meeting organizers, meeting organizers can relay information back to the participants as well. Conference texting is great, because short messages can be sent to individual attendees or broadcast to the entire registration list for:

  • Urgent announcements
  • Schedule updates
  • Educational content
  • Event reminders
  • Sponsorship messages
  • Post-meeting communications


Broadcast Messaging

Text Message (SMS) Polling:

Much like a traditional audience response system, [asQ-us] enables users to vote on live meeting content. Using text messages (SMS) sent from mobile phones, participants interact real-time with presenters. Simplified polling applications can be:

  • Integrated into PowerPoint presentations
  • Expanded for use outside the meeting room
  • Accessed by all mobile phone platforms and carriers
  • Customized to client specifications
  • Combined with Q&A and Broadcast messaging to create a truly interactive learning environment


Text Message (SMS) Polling
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