Mobile Voting & SMS Conference Texting

Software for Mobile Participation & Conference Text Messaging

Participant Messaging:

With [asQ-us] mobile voting software, meeting participants use their mobile phone’s text messaging service (SMS) to submit detailed questions or comments to a centrally-monitored computer. The immediate feedback can be:

  • Included in live Q & A sessions
  • Incorporated into Audience Response System
  • Organized & displayed to a moderator/audience
  • Answered individually or as a group
  • Accumulated as open-ended survey feedback
  • Used as on-demand requests for information
Participant Messaging

Text Message (SMS) Polling:

Much like a traditional audience response system, [asQ-us] enables users to vote on live meeting content. Using text messages (SMS) sent from mobile phones, participants interact real-time with presenters. Simplified polling applications can be:

  • Integrated into PowerPoint presentations
  • Expanded for use outside the meeting room
  • Accessed by all mobile phone platforms and carriers
  • Customized to client specifications
  • Combined with Q&A and Broadcast messaging to create a truly interactive learning environment
Text Message (SMS) Polling
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