Virtual Meeting Support

Keep Your Remote Meeting Safe, Secure and Trouble-free

Virtual meetings have become more popular in recent years. They allow people scattered across the country – or the world – to come together without the hassle or cost of travel. ALl attendees need to do is log in an participate. For the meeting hosts, however, putting together a successful virtual meeting requires more planning.

The event technologists at Ubievent will provide reliable virtual meeting support, working with you to set up and manage a remote meeting that’s safe, secure and engaging.


Experienced Technologists Provide Reliable Virtual Meeting Support & Management

Virtual meetings are a quick and convenient way to bring your entire team together, but setup and management can be challenging. Without the proper protocols in place, your meeting could be interrupted by technical difficulties or unwelcome attendees.

Ubievent’s virtual meeting experts will work with you throughout the event, providing:

Setup Expertise: Our experts are familiar with most virtual meeting platforms. They’ll advise you on how to set up the meeting to match your specific requirements, from document sharing and remote interpretation to permissions for hosts, attendees and presenters.

Heightened Security: Our event technologists are familiar with the security features on virtual event platforms. They’ll enable these features to keep your meeting free from potential interruptions that could affect the flow or confidentiality of your event.

Ongoing Support: A dedicated technologist will be there throughout your meeting to keep it moving along. If a problem arises, they’ll be there to resolve it.


Experts in Managing Meetings on Most Platforms

Whatever platform you use to host your virtual meeting, Ubievent will help you run it. Our teams have experience setting up and managing meetings held on the most popular meeting platforms.