Why Choose Ubiqus for ARS Services?

It’s Simple…

  • Ubiqus is a pioneer in the ARS industry, with over 4,000 ARS meetings serviced.
  • Our team consists of in-house technicians, editorial staff and an extensive network of project managers.
  • Professionally trained technicians in locations across the United States, all with at least 5 years ARS experience.
  • We own and maintain one of the ARS largest keypad inventories in the United States.
  • Ubiqus is an expert in matching technology to client needs – we sell and rent multiple types of hardware and software.
  • We focus on doing ARS, and doing it best.
  • We Never Fail to Deliver...
  • Experience

    One of the longest-standing ARS companies in the industry, Ubiqus (formerly RSi Communications) began in 1979 and has thousands and thousands of successful events in our history. We have an entire division of the company dedicated to ARS – it’s all we do!

  • Technology

    One size does not fit all. At Ubiqus we specialize in matching technology to the goals and budgets of our partners. We offer everything from the latest ultra-compact keypads to the most sophisticated multi-digit, full LCD display models. We have software solutions for all types of meetings from strategic planning and elections to testing applications and custom game shows!

  • Partnership

    Ubiqus commits to partnering with our clients to ensure the most effective use of the technology. We are not in the business of mass-producing meetings, we truly believe in working with our partners to create one outstanding event at a time. Customer loyalty is our most valuable asset.

  • Commitment to Quality

    Ubiqus Reporting, Inc. is committed to exceeding customer expectations by providing high quality services in a professional manner. We achieve this through superior customer service, the expertise of our staff and the continuous improvement of our internal processes.

  • Value

    Ubiqus’ pricing structure is straightforward, predictable, competitive – and best of all, no hidden charges.