How many audience participation questions should I ask during my presentation?

For surveys, the process can move quickly if necessary. To be safe, allow one minute for each question.
For Q&A, consider the difficulty of the question being asked and the amount of discussion that will follow. On average, allow approximately 5 minutes per question.
For structured meetings, use keypads to complement the meeting, but do not let audience response dominate the discussion. Ask 5 to 6 questions per hour.


Can our presenters ask spontaneous questions?

Of course! Some of the best learning and interaction comes as planned questions lead to a reevaluation.
Technicians can type questions as dictated by a presenter.
Pre-entered generic slides (e.g. Yes/No, True/False, etc.) can be on hand if the need arises.
A “Please respond now” screen can be shown immediately with no textual information present.


How far in advance do you need our interactive questions? And in what format?

We like to have your questions one week before the meeting in an electronic format – via e-mail, or diskette.
This gives us time to transfer the questions and print them out for your approval.


But we don’t think we’ll have all of our questions until we are on site. What can we do then?

Although we do not encourage last-minute programming, the system is flexible enough to add, delete, modify or reorganize questions as necessary.


What audio/visual equipment will we need?

Ubiqus travels with main and back-up PC laptops displaying 1024×768 (SVGA) resolution in True Color.
Almost all of today’s portable LCD projectors are directly compatible with our systems. Add a projection screen and we are ready to go.
Note: With multiple media sources we may require a video switching device and interface.