Virtual Polling

Giving Remote Audiences a Chance to Participate

Audience polling is one of the most popular ways to motivate your meeting attendees to participate and stay focused. What happens when your in-person meeting is cancelled and has to be held virtually on Zoom or Microsoft Teams? When you use virtual polling solutions from Ubievent, you can meet safely and still get feedback from your participants.


Why Use Virtual Polling in Your Meeting?

Audience response systems increase interaction among meeting attendees. Virtual polling for remote meetings provides the same benefits. It gives you an opportunity to:

Break the ice: There isn’t much time for introductions in a meeting with hundreds of attendees. Virtual polling is a great way to learn more about participants and still keep the event moving along.

Gather feedback in real time: You might poll your audience before the meeting to determine what types of topics they want to discuss. Or, you might poll them afterwards to assess what they learned during the day. Either way, virtual polling collect this data quickly.

Keep the audience’s attention: If participants know they’ll have a chance to share their views throughout the day, they’ll be more likely to stay engaged through the entire event.

Spark conversations: When you gather feedback, you may come across a response that’s different from most responses, maybe even controversial. This could lead to a deeper discussion, which will definitely increase interest in the rest of the meeting.

Have fun: A quick trivia match or a poll on the best way to prepare eggs is a great way to lighten the mood and break up the meeting.



How It Works

Meeting attendees watch your event from their preferred Internet-enabled devices. When it’s time to gather feedback. they click a link to the poll from another Internet-enabled device and cast their votes.