Interactive Games for Meetings & Live Events

Customized Game Show Experiences for Offices & Team-Building Exercises

Interactive games at meetings and events are great ice-breaking exercises and have proven successful at team-building. For your next event, choose one of our existing game styles (Jeopardy, Millionaire or Wheel of Fortune) or let our design team create a customized, interactive game show experience based on your meeting theme. All interactive game shows come complete with custom graphics, animation and sound clips.

A typical game show will have anywhere from 15 to 30 questions and last from 1/2 to 1 hour. It is helpful to have an energetic host or facilitator to direct the game show and add some flair.

  • ARS Game Shows Are Great For...
  • Comparing Populations
    The system can compare populations. For example, if a meeting gathers district sales managers and dealer sales managers together in the audience, a question about co-op advertising may be important to each for unique reasons. A real-time comparison of the responses of these two groups can show how similar or different their needs are in a quantifiable form.
  • Creating Regional Competitions
    Audience members can be segmented into competing teams by using their response pads to join specified groups. These groups or “teams” can then compete in answering questions. The computer will tally the responses and produce a winning team. We can customize a game show to complement your meeting objective.
  • Pre- & Post-Meeting Questioning of the Audience
    This method involves asking the same question at two junctures of the meeting. The question is asked up front, and then after the introduction of new information the question is asked again. The current bar graph is displayed and then the graph is put side-by-side with the original to emphasize differences.
  • Prioritizing Issues
    Determine the issues that need the most attention. Have the audience create the top ten qualities of a successful group, and then have them determine how they fare in each of these categories. This method creates ownership of ideas conceived by the audience for the audience.
  • Custom Questions
    Have the audience create their own questions and choices. Typically, members of an audience are passive and asked to sit and listen without input. Imagine a meeting that is highly structured but allows for members of an audience to create their own questions via question cards and receive feedback from their peers. Problems, experiences, perceptions, etc., are shared by all.
  • Case Studies
    From correct selling techniques to the successful treatment of a patient, case study questions are among the most effective techniques to facilitate adult learning. Draw from meeting objectives to create challenging, real-world case scenarios. It is not necessary to have a correct answer for these questions, but it is important to challenge the audience with difficult decisions. Then open the floor to discussion and have the experts discuss the best solutions.
  • Demographic Analysis
    The system can be used to determine major characteristics of the audience. During the meeting, these could be cross-referenced by question. Following the meeting, results can be created with even greater detail. For example, if a question is asked, “Have you ever been injured on the job?” that question could be cross-referenced with, “Would you give up one hour a week for work safety courses?”
  • Audience Surveys
    Traditional paper surveys typically receive an inadequate response rate. Include the surveys in the interactive program and receive complete and anonymous feedback for display to the audience or to be held as a private record. Either way, valuable information regarding the quality of the speakers, meeting content, meeting site, etc. can be gathered and used immediately.
  • Consensus Voting
    One response keypad is set up for each group of five people. Before an answer is given, the group must confer and agree upon one response. This method encourages group interaction and cultivates a team-building atmosphere.
  • Need an Interactive Game for Your Next Event?
  • Ubiqus makes the process user-friendly and problem-free. Contact us and one of our account managers will assist you in finding the interactive game show solution that meets the requirements and budget of your upcoming meeting or event.