ARS Services & Our Process – How It’s Done!

Every event is different, so there’s no one solution that works for all of them. The experts at Ubiqus will work with you to determine the right set-up for your specific event.


How Does Ubiqus Implement Audience Response Systems?

Ubiqus starts by asking the right questions. Our senior consultants will talk to you to identify meeting objectives and create interactive content to achieve those goals. In-house editorial staff proof questions for clarity, substance, grammar, and efficiency – we make sure each interaction is optimized for the desired outcome.

On-site, your dedicated ARS technician will handle everything – setting up and testing the equipment, providing slide reviews and rehearsals with presenters, customizing, editing and printing final versions of questions, and running the show. All Ubiqus ARS technicians have a minimum of five years of experience and are always prepared for the unexpected.

At the conclusion of the meeting, your technician will assemble and deliver all reports, tailored to your specifications; as raw data in Excel, sharable PowerPoint presentation, locked PDF documents, and formatted HTML for posting online.


What Types of Meetings Are Suited for ARS Solutions?

Audience response systems improve engagement and participation in meetings of all types and sizes:

  • Management Meetings
  • Advisory Boards
  • Medical Education (CME)
  • Sales Training
  • Focus Groups
  • Satisfaction Surveys
  • Game Shows
  • Entertainment Events
  • Product Launches
  • Town Hall Meetings
  • Elections
  • Team Building Exercises
  • Incentive Events
  • Brainstorming Sessions
  • Your creative idea here!