Reply Plus Keypad

The Reply Plus keypad, together with the Ubiqus software package, represent the most powerful, reliable, and trusted Audience Response System technologies available today.

The solid construction and perfect size of the Reply Plus keypads renders them difficult to break or lose, and with the experience, functionality, and reliability of the Reply platform behind them, these feature-rich keypads are dynamic, dependable and user-friendly.

If you are interested in learning more about Ubiqus’ Reply Plus keypads, you can request your copy of our brochure by email.

How it works:

Audience members respond to questions and statements posed by the presenter using sophisticated yet simple-to-use reply plus wireless keypads. Each audience response is captured, recorded, and immediately displayed in a variety of graphical formats. Responses can be anonymous or tracked by individual, demographic group, or team.

All our audience response software is professional grade with no pop-up or dialogue boxes intruding on the presentation. We can seamlessly accommodate on-the-fly (impromptu) questions and unplanned demographic filtering. Powerful enough to re-ask, reorganize, reset, and summarize voting questions with only a key press.

Reply Plus ARS Ubiqus

Advanced hardware features include:

  • Two-line LCD display with up to 12 characters
  • Multiple-digit entry for sophisticated data collection
  • 2.4 GHz radio frequency with signal avoidance – guaranteed no interference!
  • Advanced visual vote transmission acknowledgement
  • Multiple-choice selections (choose more than one answer with visual confirmation of selections)
  • Advanced log-in for vote tracking and attendance taking
  • Up to 31 simultaneous sessions can run in close proximity
  • Video conference-capable in remote locations
  • Breakout room feature allows users to move from room to room using the same keypad without interference
  • Audible feedback and security system
  • Ability to display custom messages
  • Speed scoring with accuracy to .05 seconds
  • License-free / license-exempt frequency means the keypads are approved for use worldwide

Advanced software features include:

  • PowerPoint compatible
  • Questions may now have up to 20 choices (up from 10)
  • Accommodates weighted voting
  • Prioritize lists of up to 99 items
  • Individual vote tracking
  • Demographic filtering
  • Side-by-side comparison of collected data
  • Competitions and game shows with advanced scoring capabilities
  • Advanced strategic planning functionality with X-Y opportunity maps
  • Detailed reporting capabilities
  • Display a “call-on-me” list to handle audience questions
  • Send custom messages to keypads for instruction or sponsorship
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