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Case Study - Ativa Keypads, ARS - Ubiqus USA

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A multi-strategy private investment firm with offices in New York and London, specializing in private equity & credit investments. 


The client’s annual executive conference is a collaboration of investors, top executives, and CEOs who gather to discuss financial and economic issues. They needed a solution to create an interactive environment while managing a tight time-flow during the scheduled conference.
They also needed a secure system equipped to handle incoming texts in addition to the ability to relay polling questions (WiFi and mobile were not optional for security purposes).

Solution & Benefits

The client incorporated 200 touch-screen Ativa keypads to execute their polling activities while capturing incoming SMS questions from the audience. Participants readily responded to questions and ideas during the meeting, and were subsequently presented with the tabulated data for review.
This full-service program, offered by Ubiqus, consisted of the keypads, ARS software, the presence of an on-site technician, and prior-day set-up and rehearsal.
Polling questions consisted of single- and multiple-choice, as well as free-form texting, and data collection was executed anonymously, which resulted in more candid feedback from the audience. When participants had opinions or questions, they expressed them with 100% privacy using the touch-screen Ativa keypads, entering up to 160 characters of feedback per text.
Upon conclusion, the facilitator received all polling and feedback reports on site, and promptly deleted any information deemed too confidential to leave the room. All other information was safely preserved on a secure server for the client’s future reference.

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